Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japanese Hair Straightening in Upper East Side NYC

For a new look as the summer season approaches, Japanese hair straightening is a great choice. At the fabulous Armando Pina Hair Salon located in the Upper East Side of NYC, we specialize in all hair care  including Yuko Japanese hair straightening. Armando Pina himself gets his flair for fashion expertise and professional hair treatment from Paris where he began his journey. Now servicing a wide range of clients in NYC, Armando Pina Salon employs a full staff of professional hair stylists with top training and years of experience in treating all hair types.

Yuko Japanese straightening is a great option for curly, or wavy hair as well as hair that is extremely frizzy. It works by altering the shape of the protein bonds in your hair to make each strand lay flat and smooth, giving your hair a permanently silky texture and appearance. This change is permanent and will leave you with the easy-to-maintain, super glamorous hair of your dreams.

The complete look will last for as long as it takes for new hair to begin growing in. Whenever that does happen, the new hair can easily be touched up with the same permanent straightening techniques to blend with the rest of your straight hair.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hair Straightening NYC

If you are looking to have your hair professionally straightened in NYC, Armando Pina Hair Salon is the place to go. Located on the upper east side, Armando Pina has serviced a unique clientele including celebrities and royalty, in addition to a full house of New York residents. A renowned stylist, Armando Pina himself developed his skills with hair in Paris at the Jacques Dessange Hair Institute, and his salon specializes in all hair types and treatments.

At Armando Pina Hair Salon whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, crazy curls, or beachy waves... hair straightening in NYC has never been so easy and beautiful! In addition to Japanese hair straightening, Armando Pina also does Barzilian Keratin treatments to give your newly straight hair its ultimate shine finish. These treatments are designed to last and give you a break from the need to style your hair daily. The change to the hair is permanent and until new hair grows in- your hair will stay straight and silky smooth.

To find out more about the the hair solution of your dreams, or to schedule an appointment, call Armando Pina Hair Salon at 212-207-4434! or just walk in on any Monday through Saturday.